Cure Your Period Symptoms with These Drinks

  • by Aisha Banks

Written by Aisha Banks

Did you know that having a drink could help relieve your period pain, nausea, and bloating!? We all know that periods can be a lot sometimes. For some, it can get to the point where you can’t even get out of bed, so why not try something as easy as a drink to help you get through it? Here’s a couple of drinks that can ease your period troubles. 

Chamomile Tea

You just might want to recruit Ms. Chamomile as your best friend while you’re on your period. Not only is chamomile an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, a mild astringent and healing medicine, it can also help prevent and relieve cramps. It contains an antispasmodic agent called Spiroether, that relaxes aching, tense muscles and alleviates premenstrual pain. It also contains terpenoids and flavonoids, which contribute to its medical properties. Chamomile can help ease your stomach when your period nausea comes to torture you. The benefits are endless!  

Golden Milk

Not only is golden milk beautiful and tasty, it can also help with inflammation. The magic ingredient is turmeric. Turmeric is another natural wonder that’s filled with antioxidants and is an anti-inflammatory that can help relieve cramps. It contains curcumin, which helps lower the level of prostaglandins - a hormone-like compound that causes uterine pain and contractions. Tumeric can even help with balancing your hormones! In a study done with PCOS patients, turmeric lowered the levels of their Luteinizing Hormones. It was also shown to be successful at restoring progesterone levels to normal. 

Blueberry Juice

Blueberries are filled with fiber, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory. Who would’ve thought such a tiny fruit could pack such a punch? Blueberries also contain vitamin C, which can help regulate your cycle. You can simply eat or drink the blueberries, but we would suggest making it a bit more fun! Add blueberries to your favorite smoothie recipe or you can even make a mocktail with the juice! 

Orange Juice

Orange juice isn’t just a champagne topper, it’s filled with vitamin C, calcium, and antioxidants! Not only is it helping you out with your cramps due to the magnesium and potassium it contains, but the calcium also helps to reduce your PMS symptoms. Calcium can help reduce premenstrual depression, fatigue, and pain. Have yourself a nice breakfast or brunch, and don’t forget to have a cup of orange juice (maybe with a splash of champagne). 

Dandelion Root

Have you ever seen or laid in a field of dandelions? If not, we highly recommend it! While you’re out there, pick some dandelions and make tea when you get home (or you can just buy the tea, but we’re in our cottagecore era). Dandelion root contains iron and potassium, which can relieve a ton of PMS symptoms such as bloating, nausea, and even mood changes. It can even be paired with other herbs like raspberry leaf, which is great for reducing bloating, fatigue, and PMS pain.


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