Self Care Without Compromise

Self Care Without Compromise

Self Care

where it all started

Cindy CEO and Drew CMO of sunnyperiod

Cindy (she/her), our CEO and Co-Founder learned about the menstrual cup as an eco-friendly alternative to tampons. This started her journey in 2018 into period care, leading a team on a trip to India to research 200 menstruators' first time menstrual cup use experiences. There, she learned about and developed a passion for ending period poverty, period taboos and the need for honest education. Afterward she presented her findings in a TedX Talk (so cool, right?!) This kickstarted the beginning of her company.

Drew (she/her), our CMO and Co-Founder, first began innovating in period care after trying a menstrual cup in high school. She found that while not a perfectly innovative product, they had many benefits. This led her to entering into and winning a business idea pitch competition her senior year for her idea of a menstrual cup that inserts like a tampon. While learning about period care, she came across the term Period Poverty. Long story short, she decided then to make it her mission to be more than a period product company, but to make an impact to all menstruators.

It was by chance that the two met, but they instantly knew they were two pieces to the same puzzle. Together they grew their company and passion for periods and self care as a whole, and they created the best earth-friendly products, inclusive education, and global impact initiatives.

Drew Jarwis CMO +CO Founder

our team

Cindy Belardo CEO + Co-Founder

Cindy Belardo (she/her)

CEO + Co-Founder

Drew Jarwis CMO +CO Founder

Drew Jarvis (she/her)

CMO + Co-Founder

Cinestie Olson Communications Manager

Cinestie Olson (she/her)

Communications Manager

Danielle Burden Quality Manager

Danielle Burden (she/her)

Quality Manager

Lana Gailani (she/her)

Project Manager

Aisha Banks Customer Support Specialist

Aisha Banks (she/her)

Customer Support Specialist