Menstruator Gift Guide

  • by Cinestie Olson

Written by Cinestie Olson

Most of us can agree that giving is the best part of the holidays - seeing the faces light up of our closest friends and family is one of the best feelings! However, isn’t it a little fun to think about what you want for the holidays? Here at Sunny, we believe there’s no shame in thinking about yourself, especially your period. We’ve compiled a list of revolutionary, womxn-founded period products that can give menstruators the best gift of all - an easier period!

Flow Tea

Caffeine on your period can unfortunately make cramps worse. Switch out your daily coffee for a cup of Flow Tea instead! Flow Tea’s ‘Eve’s Curse’ blend is made with chaste berry, an herb that actually helps premenstrual symptoms such as bloating and cramping! There’s also ginger root, red raspberry leaves, and so many other beneficial ingredients for a soothing (and incredible tasting) tea before and during your period! You can grab a 7-pack box for just $10!


Sunny Cup + Applicator

Time for a shameless plug! Have you ever wanted to try period cups, but have trouble inserting them? The Sunny Cup + Applicator was designed for an easier insertion! The cup itself is made with thin and flexible walls that can fold inside of our reusable applicator, to which you then insert just like a tampon! The Sunny Cup + Applicator is available for pre-order for $40 and currently has free shipping!

Rael Heating Patches

Heating pads are our best friends for relieving cramps! Rael invented a heating patch that you can keep on for up to 8 hours a day! Rael Heating Patches are made with rose oil, lemon oil, and jasmine oil. Simply place one on the outside of your underwear and continue with your day! They come in two different sizes, and an 8-pack is on sale for $17.99!

Aisle Period Underwear

Let’s be honest - we all just want comfortable underwear when we’re on our period. Aisle created period underwear that is cute, comfy, and have INCREDIBLE inclusive sizes XXS - 5XL! There’s so many different colors and styles, such as boxers, bikinis, and even thongs! There’s currently free US shipping on orders $90+!

De Lune Steady Mood Vitamins

When it comes to periods, it’s so important to take care of our emotional wellbeing! De Lune created vitamins that can help ease mood swings, brain fog, and disrupted sleep. The Steady Mood vitamins are all natural, and contain Vitamin B6, saffron, calcium, and other nutrients that we may need more of during our cycle. The Steady Mood Vitamins 60-pack are on sale for $19.00!



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