The Guide to Hiking on Your Period

  • by Cinestie Olson

Written by Cinestie Olson

Hiking can consist of long days, hot weather, steep inclines, and sometimes backpacking. But what if we added your period into this mix? We know that, sometimes, you’d rather just stay in. But when nature calls (while in nature), preparation is key! Here’s our guide to successful hiking during your period.

Period Cups

Our favorite period product to use on hikes are period cups… specifically, the Sunny Cup + Applicator. Period cups can hold up to 25mL of blood, last up to 12 hours at a time, and are reusable! If you’re taking a shorter hike, you may not have to change your period cup at all. If you backpack for multiple or need to change it sooner, you can easily pull out your cup and clean it. 

Tip: bring biodegradable water wipes or a spray bottle and a small travel size soap to clean your cup and applicator before reinserting! 

The Sunny Cup + Applicator is perfect for reinsertion anywhere (as long as you have access to clean water and soap to wash your hands, cup, and applicator) as the Sunny Cup inserts like a tampon with the reusable Sunny Applicator. After cleaning your applicator and hands, pop a squat and easily reinsert 🙂

Make sure to never leave anything behind and leave no trace!

Eat, eat, eat!

Whether you’re doing a 2 mile hike, or a 200 mile hike, nutrition is going to significantly help you out. Before your hike, make sure to eat a nourishing meal. Food can play a huge factor in your period symptoms, as well as your overall energy.

Our favorite meal to eat before our hikes are sandwiches that are loaded with veggies. Leafy green veggies, like spinach, increase your iron levels! Maintaining your iron can lower the chances of you being dizzy, lightheaded, and fatigued. Add a high protein meat, like turkey or chicken, to help you feel fuller for longer!

Make sure to pack snacks too! Hiking can quickly drain your nutrition levels, especially during your period. Packing snacks and eating them along the way can help restore your body! Our favorite snacks are nuts, fruit, and the occasional dark chocolate (which is actually good for you during your period too ;)).

Stay Hydrated

How much water have you drunk today??? It seems like the obvious answer, but STAY HYDRATED while hiking on your period! Drink a liter before you go and take a couple liters with you depending on the length of your hike. We like to hike with a hydration pack, which can easily fit into your hiking backpack! 

Another essential to staying hydrated is restoring your electrolytes. Hiking can cause you to sweat, which makes you lose electrolytes. During your period, you are more likely to become dehydrated due to your rapidly changing hormones. Restoring your electrolytes with your favorite drink, like Gatorade or Liquid IV, can help you stay hydrated and conquer the rest of your hike!

Rest… Yes, Seriously

Your body is doing some serious work while you’re on your period. Who else can say that their uterus is splitting apart, spitting blood, and you’re choosing to exercise during it? Resting on your hike can ensure your body to regenerate your energy levels. Also, wouldn’t it be so nice to slow down and enjoy the view once in a while?


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