Butt Cramps (The Silent Period Symptom)

  • by Cinestie Olson

Written by Cinestie Olson

It’s a fact that menstruators all have extremely different cycles. We go through different flows, different products, and have different symptoms. Now, there are some universal period symptoms such as cramps or cravings, but have you heard (or experienced yourself) the phenomenon known as ✨butt cramps✨? We always thought that butt cramping during our period was an abnormal symptom, however, as we talked about this symptom online, we realized we were not alone! 

Why Are Butt Cramps a Thing?

The short answer for why butt cramps exist (and so many other period symptoms) are simply because of hormones! Your uterine lining contains cells known as endometrial cells, and during your period, those cells break down and let out hormones that are called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are responsible for stimulating the muscles in your uterus to help it contract and shed each month. When overactive prostaglandins are released, you may notice your anus and rectal area contract as well!

Period Poops

Yep, you guessed it! Those dreadful period poops and butt cramps can be related! The series of hormonal changes you experience during your period, such as estrogen and progesterone levels dropping and prostaglandins being released, can make your digestive tract more… interesting. Oh, the joys of menstruation!

Are Butt Cramps Normal?

Butt cramps are not talked about as much as other symptoms menstruators experience. However, butt cramping during your period is pretty common. Research shows that nearly 73% of menstruators experience some sort of gastrointestinal symptom before or during their period! 

If butt cramping is unrelated to your period, accompanied with blood, or brings severe pain, you should always consult with your doctor!

What You Can Do

You can help relieve butt cramps and other period symptoms through a warm bath, a heating pad, pain relievers, or stretching!


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