Can You Have Sex On Your Period?

  • by Cinestie Olson

Let’s be real for a second… why is it that the moment our libidos are at its highest, we are on our periods? We know as menstruators that we’ve been shamed for our periods being “dirty,” when they’re completely natural. Do you know what else is natural? Sex! This leads us to another infamous taboo we’ve all probably heard of - sex on your period. 

So, can we have sex on our period? The short answer: yes. The long answer: yes (but with a few other things we need to talk about). 


One very important factor to consider when wanting to have sex on your period is consent. Both (or more) partners should have an open conversation about how comfortable they are with having sex during menstruation. Having sex while someone’s on their period can get messy and be vulnerable - it’s important for everyone to agree to having sex while bleeding!


There are surprisingly many benefits to having sex on your period! Other than the obvious (having sex, duh) here are a few others:

1. Relief from cramps

During your period, your uterus is contracting in order to release uterine lining. During an orgasm, the muscles of your uterus are also contracting, but then releasing! Releasing can bring relief to your normal period cramps.

Sex relieves endorphins in our bodies, which are responsible for making us feel good. 

2. Higher Libido

Our sex drive actually changes throughout our entire menstrual cycle. During ovulation, you may experience your highest levels of libido and that can linger into the menstruation phase weeks after!

3. Shorter Periods

Because your uterus is contracting and releasing, uterine lining may shed faster. This can lead to a shorter period overall!

4. Natural Lubrication

Skip the spit and skip the skin-safe lube. Your period blood is a natural lubricant itself!


While there are benefits to having sex on your period, don’t forget that there can be risks as well!

1. Periods are Messy

We all know that period blood can get messy, whether it be on our beds, underwear, or our partner. It’s important to create a plan prior to covering your bed or couch, or find a quick-fix to clean blood so it won’t stain.

2. You Can Still Get STDs.

If you’re not using protection, you can still be susceptible to STDs. It’s important to wear a condom, dental dam, or any other form of protection against STDs.

Hepatitis and HIV also live in blood and can spread through infected menstrual blood. Make sure to get tested for STIs and STDs every time you have sex with a new partner, or you’re actively having sex, and encourage your partner to do the same.

3. Pregnancy

Just because you’re bleeding, doesn’t mean that you can’t get pregnant!! Ovulation happens shortly after menstruation, and sperm can live in the body for up to 7 days. If you have a shorter menstrual cycle, you’re more at risk for eggs releasing soon after your period! Always use some form of contraception if you’re not trying/willing/ready to get pregnant.


Sex on your period is nothing to be ashamed about. It’s completely natural, can be exciting, and can create a closer bond between you and your partner. Here’s a few tips and tricks before you have a little fun on your period:

    1. If you have a tampon or menstrual cup in, don’t forget to take it out before you have penetrative sex. 
    2. If you don’t want the mess, period discs are a great, sex-friendly option during your period!
    3. Spread a towel on your bed, couch, or any other area of ~play~ to catch any leaks that may happen (you can also have sex in the shower or bath to avoid the mess too!)
    4. Keep wipes nearby for easy clean-up, or hop in the shower soon after :)



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