Our Fav “I Just Got My Period” Stories

  • by Cinestie Olson

Even though our periods are natural and nothing to be ashamed of, they can admittedly suck sometimes. We can stain our favorite underwear, ruin our new bedsheets, and have cramps that we swear will never end! We all have a story about our periods that we will never forget (and that we can laugh about now) - which is why we asked several menstruators about their most memorable period stories they have, and how talking about these stories brings more #PowerToThePeriod :) 

Sea of Hormones

“​​So my parents split up when I was 2 but got back together when I was about 12. Since it was just my mom and I for that entire time, when we moved in with my dad, I had a hard time remembering that I now had two parents that I could ask them both for things, but I always went right to my mom. I was in the bathroom and my very first period came - so I called for my mom. The bathroom was off the kitchen and my dad was there. He yelled in and said, “What is it?” I (again) asked for my mom. He says, “Lyndsay, I’m your dad, you can talk to me about stuff.” So I paused, and then said, “I just got my period.” He goes quiet and then calls out “Heather!!” to my mom. To make things even better, not only did I get my period, but my mom, my half sister, and even our dog all got theirs. My dad was just lost in a sea of hormones.

- Lyndsay she/her

No Period Shame

“I was in the hospital and was too shy to ask for a pad or tampon, so I made one out of toilet paper. Soon after, it bled through my underwear and pants and the nurses had to pull me aside and tell me, “Look - you don't have to be scared to ask for this!”

- Sloan they/she

Period Core Memory

“My mom is a registered nurse, so she was such an advocate for teaching me about my period that she wanted to throw me a little celebration when I got it. When I was 10, I remember girls talking about their periods and being excited about it, but I could never join in… But then, the day that I started my period, I remember it like it was yesterday…

I went to the downstairs bathroom and when I wiped I saw a bit of blood. I had completely forgotten that I could have a period, so I thought I was dying... I started yelling to my family “something’s wrong, please somebody help!” and my mom came running down the stairs. I showed her the blood on my toilet paper, and instantly my mom started laughing and cheering with absolute excitement. I was confused because I thought my mom was happy I was dying.

After her cheering for what felt like forever while I’m standing there confused, she finally told me, “you’re not dying, you just started your period.” Instantly I was happy too! Because I knew she was going to throw me a little celebration.

My mom, being the goofy woman she is, ordered me a cake that said Happy 1st Period on it. Looking back, I was so proud that I wasn’t embarrassed because I thought [everyone] got one. I felt special, and I was excited because of how well my mom eased me into understanding what a period was and the beauty of it, despite what setbacks it can have. My mom took my sister and I to dinner to celebrate, and I learned about my menstruation. Definitely a core memory for me”

- Margaret she/her

RIP Hotel Bed Sheets

My first period came when I was on holiday with my family. I woke up in a blood lake - no joke my whole body was covered in blood - I thought I was dying. I started screaming and then my mum came and assisted me to clean me and sort out the bed. I was 12 back then. We ended up paying 1000 euros to the hotel as I destroyed the sheets and the mattress. Yes it was terrifying.”

- Sky she/they/he


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