period party!

  • by Sam Adrian

A period party is a celebration of one’s period. It is seen as a menstruator’s entrance into adulthood (experiencing part of puberty) and can help normalize and view periods in a positive light. Having a period party can also help involve kids in the period conversation and spark questions. In families looking to open up and share their experiences, this could be a great ice-breaker. In many cultures around the world, periods are seen as important and are celebrated. For example, in the Ulithi tribe of the South Pacific, periods are celebrated among women and menstruators with feasts and songs in menstrual huts.

The subject of period parties become more popular when this tweet went viral in 2017.

Families in the United States have reported celebrating a period party with cake, red decorations, family, and friends! They can make it educational and fun with period bingo, cookie decorating, or pin-the-uterus on the person.

Would you throw a period party?

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