do periods happen on the weekends, too?

  • by Cindy Belardo

Yes, we’ve REALLY been asked these things about our periods like “can you just hold it?” and “does a period start right at the stroke of midnight?” How about, “do periods happen on the weekends, too?” and “are tampons like a bathtub stopper that you can unplug to let all the blood out?” 😳😰 

While many of these are laughable and trust me, we laughed, they are also deeply concerning. Like…why tho??? How can grown adults (of all genders btw) be asking these questions?

Society tells us that some topics are hush hush. 🤫 

Here at Menstrual Mates, we think that the reason periods are taboo is because sex is taboo. And birth control. And female pleasure. Makes sense, right?

In a recent post, we asked you all to describe your sex ed experience (or lack thereof) in one word. This is what you said: 











Yikes! 🤢 As you know, we have a long way to go in making our sex education better. 

We are dedicated to inclusive, stigma-free educational materials. But, we know it takes all of us to start the conversation. Do you have any ideas/suggestions? Join our online community on Insta or TikTok where we discuss all things sexual health and periods, especially to share our experiences with each other!



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