Menstrual Leave: What is it?

  • by Cindy Belardo

Written by Natalie Bronfine

Can you imagine getting paid time off for your period??

Spain is planning to become the first country in the Western World to introduce menstrual leave for its employees. The draft bill includes three days of paid menstrual leave for those experiencing severe period pain—up to five days in some circumstances—with a doctor’s note. This bill is part of a wider reproductive health reform package Spain is working on passing. The reform would make pads and tampons much more accessible and require schools to provide period products for those who need them. 

Spain’s Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, who was one of the main advocates for the bill, said, “Periods will no longer be taboo. … No more going to work with pain, no more taking pills before arriving at work and having to hide the fact we’re in pain that makes us unable to work.”  

Legislation such as this is part of a larger movement that Sunny is proud to be a part of: The push for menstruation to be recognized as a common medical condition that should be treated as such, as opposed to a taboo topic treated with stigma. The more it is acceptable to have these conversations, the easier it will be to provide menstruators living in period poverty the support they need.

Join Sunny’s mission to destigmatize periods, end period poverty and create a more sustainable future for all menstruators here.

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