Presents for Period Problems: Gift Guide for Menstruators

  • by Claire Corbin

Picking out gifts that the people in your life actually need can be quite a task. At Sunny, we believe in really listening when they complain; their griping tends to hint at what might make their life better. We’ve created a list of products for the menstruators in your life based on their period problems.

“My uterus feels like it’s eating itself 🙃”

Do you have a friend who’s in constant agony during their period and the only thing they can do is lay in fetal position? Or maybe it’s you? And rightfully so; your pain is very real– data says 91% of people who menstruate experience period pain and 42% feel it affects their ability to work. 

Delune’s Cramp Aid - herbal pain relief in the form of liquid capsules, crafted with natural ingredients like B vitamins, zinc, and ginger to nourish and calm uterine muscles. Long-term use of over-the-counter painkillers can cause adverse side effects, so using Cramp Aid can be a better option for your body! For $19.99, you can gift your friend a less painful period. Bye cramps and Advil! 

Somedays Cramp Cream - Made with plant-based ingredients like castor oil, chamomile and wintergreen, Somedays Cramp Cream helps alleviate cramps. Apply on your lower abdomen or wherever the pain hits and it lasts up to three hours! An 80 ml bottle of Cramp Cream is $32!

“I ruined another pair of white pants smh”

Most of us have stained our fair share of underwear or pants with period blood. Maybe your friend has a heavier flow or just likes to free-bleed (relatable). Whatever the case, gifting them something that will help prevent leakage and stains might be the perfect gift. 

Monthly Period Underwear - They’re cute, comfy AND absorb the equivalent of four tampons’ worth of menstrual blood per use. Available in seven different sizes and for $25, these undies are machine washable and help prevent leaks. Plus, Monthly is a small business focused on inclusivity! 

Rif Care Organic Pads - With a leak proof sugar based baking, Rif Care Pads are perfect for heavier flows. They are made out of hemp fiber and organic cotton, absorbing more moisture than conventional cotton pads. Plus, they are fully biodegradable! You can get them for $9.99 for a box of 10.

“Just dropped $15 on period products yet again ughh 😩”

Buying single-use period products every month adds up. The average person spends $13-$20 per cycle, which can equate to a whopping $9,000 in their reproductive lifetime. 

Sunny Cup + Applicator - a reusable menstrual cup that inserts like a tampon. (Shameless plug here!) Saving money and the earth, the Sunny Cup replaces over 500 tampons per person per year. Get it for 20% off the original price of $49 right now with the code GIVE20!

Aisle Reusable Pads - Holding 8-14 tampons worth of blood, Aisle’s Reusable Pads were made to outshine disposable products. Available in mini, maxi and super sizes, they’re machine washable and dryer-safe! You can get them for 25% off with the code BETTERPERIOD.

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