Sunny Cup + Applicator Review and Benefits

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Written by Cinestie Olson

With the Sunny Cup + Applicator launch just around the corner (September 30th, eeeek!), you might need a little reminder or a last attempt of convincing you on why switching to the Sunny Cup + Applicator could change your life… probably.

What Is The Sunny Cup + Applicator?

The Sunny Cup + Applicator is a reusable period cup that inserts like a tampon with the help of our reusable applicator! The Sunny Cup has similar benefits to other period cups, while having the familiarity of tampons.

Why Make The Switch?

If you’re looking to switch from tampons to a more earth-friendly period product option, or you have trouble inserting period cups, the Sunny Cup + Applicator may be the answer! Below are our favorite benefits of the Sunny Cup + Applicator:

  • Insertion is very similar to a tampon
  • Reusable for up to a year (can replace over 500 tampons per menstruator per year)
  • Cup can be worn for up to 12 hours at at time
  • Holds 2-5x amount of blood as tampons OR MORE (25mL)
  • Can save you up to $6,000 in your lifetime from not having to buy disposables every month
  • Made of medical grade silicone, and made without latex, BPAs, PFAS, or harmful chemicals and dyes

What Makes The Sunny Cup Different?

We know that you may have tried other period cups that you like and use regularly… so did we at Sunny, until we realized how difficult it can be to insert period cups and form the seal properly. Sealing is when your period cup completely pops open and a suction is created - this can ensure minimal to no leakage and for your cup to stay in place! 

The Sunny Cup has super thin walls that allow the cup to fold as thin as a tampon to fit inside of our reusable applicator. Our cup also has a slanted rim that allows the cup to fold and fit inside the applicator easier. Thanks to the shape and flexible tip of the applicator, the Sunny Applicator can actually help insert and position the cup as well as form the seal much easier (but always double-check, just in case)!

Once we fulfill all pre-orders, we will be able to save over 10 million disposable period products from going into landfills, help 20,000 menstruators simplify their period, and continue to donate to menstrual and social equity!


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1 Comment

  • I placed an order November 25, 2022… today is April 25, 2024… I still have not received my order. I reached out to Sunny via email in January of this year, I had some communication. I was under the impression this would have been taken care of by now. Has anyone actually received their order? I’ve been plenty patient, but this is absolutely ridiculous.

    S Wilson on

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