Thank You, from Sunny

  • by Cinestie Olson

Written by Cinestie Olson

Hiii, it’s good to have you here. It’s been a while since we’ve talked about ourselves, so let’s reintroduce our story and mission behind Sunny. 

Meet Cindy and Drew, the co-founders of Sunny. 

Cindy Belardo (CEO) has always had a passion for sustainability and environmentally friendly resources. She studied environmental studies pre-med at the University of Oklahoma. During her time there, she led a team to India to research first-time menstruators’ on their use of period cups (she even has a TEDTalk about her work). 

Drew Jarvis (CMO) is from Indiana and graduated from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Drew kickstarted the creation of a menstrual cup that inserts as easily as a tampon, and she actually won a pitch in high school for her original idea!

It was fate that these two met to form what you all now know as Sunny!

Since going viral on TikTok (iykyk) and opening pre-orders, we’ve been able to save over 10 million disposable period products from going into landfills, serve 20,000 menstruators, and donate over $7,500 to support menstrual and social equity. 

We are officially launching the Sunny Cup + Applicator this September 2023, after months of trials, tribulations, and delays (again, iykyk), with only a team of 6 people - yeah… I don’t know how we did it either. We’re so excited for you all to have your Sunny Cups + Applicators and to simplify your period while saving the planet. We cannot thank you enough for your patience and support of our small business!

“After going viral in 2022, we blew up in a way we never anticipated. We knew we had a really revolutionary product, but people’s excitement over our menstrual cup applicator exceeded our expectations, now making us the second largest period care brand on TikTok. As first time founders, it’s been an interesting journey navigating supply chain, medical devices, and pitching the taboo subject of period care in a space dominated by men/non-menstruators. After a lot of sweat, tears, and (obviously) blood, we’re finally ready to officially launch!” - Drew

“I am so incredibly thankful for our amazing community - YOU are the reason why we do what we do. The amount of support you have all shown tells us that this product and our company’s mission is what is needed in society today. We can’t wait to continue creating amazing products by us, for us - for all of us!” -Cindy

To see how we're celebrating our launch (all month long), check out our IG for special giveaways, events, and discounts!


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