Using Period Blood as a Face Mask (and Other Things)

  • by Cinestie Olson

Written by Cinestie Olson

We know the title of this blog might scare you… but we’re here to answer any questions! During each period, menstruators can lose up to 60mL of blood on average (that’s about 1.5 shot glasses). And while usually we just discard our period blood, some menstruators actually use their blood for other forms… let’s get into it!

Disclaimer: According to Anna Luisa L. DaSilva at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, “The medical community does not currently classify menstrual fluid as a regulated biohazard like its venous blood counterpart. The blood that is expelled through menstruation is similar to venous blood, but because of the other fluids, proteins, and endometrial tissues, its makeup cannot be treated equally.” However, use precaution if you choose to use period blood for other purposes.

Period Blood as Skincare

Also known as moon masking. Moon masking is the act of taking your period blood and applying it to your face, just like a facemask. In an interview with Daniela Krue, a sensuality and pleasure mentor, and Dazed Digital magazine, Daniela reveals that they have been moon masking for four years. “It’s really empowering. Our blood is so natural and holy. When I allow myself to really connect deeply with my menstruation, it feels like I’m connecting to the earth and to all my ancestors.” Daniela tells Dazed Digital.

Moon masking became a viral conversation after Kim Kardashian showed off her infamous “vampire facial” - a cosmetic procedure that involves drawing blood from your arm and applying them back onto your face. It’s meant to improve skin texture and tone. Many menstruators wondered if the same effects could happen by simply using our period blood. “In theory, menstrual blood has many properties that are beneficial to the skin, such as anti-inflammatory properties and stem cells, but there is no current scientific evidence that supports the use of menstrual blood as a mask,” Texas dermatologist Jennifer Vickers told Cosmopolitan.

@Ari_Astra on TikTok has also shared their reasoning for using their period blood as a facemask, using it mostly as a spiritual practice (while having the most radiant skin, might I add). 

Note: If you choose to use period blood on your face, know that there is little scientific research on moon masking. Use new period blood, as storing blood can become a biohazard the longer it sits.

Period Blood as Fertilizer

Have a plant in your living room that just doesn’t look good? No matter how much sun or water you may give it? Try a little menstrual blood - you may get the results you’re looking for. Period blood contains everything a plant might need: zinc, calcium, copper, and magnesium. 

Our co-founder and CEO, Cindy Belardo, actually uses her own period blood as her plant fertilizers.

“I heard about the benefits of adding period blood into the soil as a fertilizer (but the need to dilute it with water first). I decided to try it out on my household flower plant, an amaryllis. The flower is a bright red color and blooms once a year in the springtime. After I'd been adding my period blood into the soil (I'd dig a little hole, pour the blood diluted with water from my period disc into it, and then cover it with soil) for a few months, I do think it helped the plant's leaves grow faster/the flower's petals were super red the next spring! Even if it's not true, I do feel closer to my plant :)” says Cindy.

It’s recommended to dilute your period blood with water before pouring into your plants. Mix your period blood with about a half gallon of water. Make sure your plants still have the intended amount of sunlight too!

Period Blood as Paint

Jasmine Alicia Carter is a self-proclaimed Woman Embodiment Mentor, where she has been using her own period blood as paint since 2014. 

Jasmine said to News24, "I felt that to heal something of me, I had to begin accepting it and loving it first, so I couldn't find any better way to relate with my period than painting with it, and painting after painting, I fell more and more in love with this medium that I have never let go ever since. I barely paint with anything else right now. It's been one of the most therapeutic and life-changing experiences in my life." 

Jasmine also founded the Menstrual Art Movement, where they have encouraged menstruators everywhere to use their period blood as an art form. 

Check out some of Jasmine’s paintings here.

Period blood comes in all different colors such as pink, red, brown, or black. There’s several different shades you can use, all from your own body! If painting with your period blood, use a period cup or disc to easily collect your blood and store in a clean jar.

The Bottom Line

Whether you loved these ideas or absolutely hated them, here’s a reminder that periods should not be anything to be disgusted by. Using period blood as different forms of art, skincare, or plant health can help destigmatize periods and menstruation. But we also know that you may just want to have your period and say bye to the blood when it’s time. :)

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