We Went Viral On Tik Tok!!! What these last few days have been like

  • by Sam Adrian


Written by Natalie Bronfine

HELLO everyone! We have had a crazy past week here at Sunny, but we are SO excited to fill you in all of the exciting new things we have going on with the Sunny Cup & Applicator!

On April 9th, we posted a video of one of our founders, Drew, demonstrating how our menstrual works at a pitch competition. Before we knew it, we started getting comment after comment from you guys saying how excited you were about this product, how you had never seen anything like it, and how this would solve all of your problems/reservations about switching to a menstrual cup. We were SO excited! Things started progressing quickly, and before we knew it, we had +600k views on one video and +3.7 MILLION views on another!

After meeting with our team, Sunny decided to give the people what they wanted and launch preorders on our website. By preordering, you are securing our menstrual cup & applicator at a discounted price, and helping support our small startup along the way! We are still in the process of manufacturing, but we are so grateful for the 3,600 preorders that have already been placed in the first 8 days! Check out our website for all the details, but we anticipate the Sunny Cup & Applicator will get to you by the Holidays of 2022! 

In the meantime, while you are counting down the days until your Sunny Cup comes in the mail, follow us on Tik Tok (what made this all possible :) ), Instagram, and join our email list for all of our Sunny updates! We are so grateful for the community that has found our brand in the past week or so, and this 4 year-long journey is just beginning! We have so many exciting things ahead, and are so happy that you’re along for the ride!

Written by Natalie Bronfine, Sunny Intern


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