Buzzfeed Wrote About Us! And what’s happened since then...

  • by Cindy Belardo

Buzzfeed wrote an article about us!!

Written by Natalie Bronfine

Hiiii everyone!! We’ve had quite a crazy ride the past week or so at Sunny HQ, ever since Victoria Vouloumanos wrote about us and our journey on Buzzfeed on June 9th!!!

We are SO honored and excited to be featured in this article, and are beyond happy to see period cups gaining more and more popularity and attention. 

Our article had over 100,000 views on June 12th and was at one point #5 on the list of trending articles on, so we are so excited to be growing our community. We have had over 25,000 new visitors to our website, so if you have just found us from our article, welcome! We are so excited to have you, and take you along this crazy journey or creating a startup from scratch.

We can’t wait to learn with you, and grow alongside all of you! With an additional 900+ pre orders since the article came out, we cannot wait until the holidays until we can send out the Sunny Cup + Applicator to all of you!

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